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Mozabrick Photo Construction Set

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Mozabrick is a photo construction set and it is a wonderful gift for any holiday. You only need to choose a photo and then to create it in an amazing way out of separate pieces in black and white.

Mozabrick is a customized photo construction set. You can create a masterpiece of your own and put it on the wall.

We have three sizes of mosaic art: S, M, and L. The sizes are quite universal and help you to create anything you want.

 Set S: 51x51 cm/20x20 in, 5800 pieces. Great for selfies, macro photos with good detalization – EUR 69.99

 Set M: 51x76 cm/20x30 in, 8700 pieces. It's a perfect way to represent a portrait of a couple or close friends – EUR 99,99

 Set L: 76x76 cm/30x30 in, 14 500 pieces. It suits ideally for images with several faces, and you can also create a picture of nature/flowers or your favorite pet – EUR 139,99

Set S includes an individual box with 5800 bricks divided by colours, 4 base plates, 9 connectors for them, 10 stickers to hang the picture on the wall, 1 dismantling tool to pull bricks apart, 1 mount for the finished picture and a manual with a code, so you’ll be able to generate an unlimited amount of pictures.

It will be a work of art created by yourself and a good reason to spend time together with people you love.

Steps of purchase:
- Choose the size that suits you (S, M, or L)
- Complete the order and provide us with your contact information
- In 7-10 days you receive your set and are able to upload any picture of yourself and create your own wall art
- Enjoy spending time with your nearest and dearest or choose it as a present for any celebration


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Viktorija Bertulienė

It's birthday gift.